Event Schedule

3/8/1913:00A01APL-MAIN EVENT DAY1 A5500hold'em O
3/8/1915:00A02NO LIMIT HOLDEM BB ANTE #12200hold'em O
3/8/1917:00APL M E SATELLITE550hold'em O
3/8/1918:00A03HYPER TURBO #11650hold'em O
3/8/1920:00YNPT ME FREE SATELLITEfree/330hold'em O
3/9/1913:00A01APL-MAIN EVENT DAY1 B5500hold'em O
3/8/1915:00A04DEEP STACK TURBO2200hold'em O
3/9/1917:00APL M E SATELLITE550hold'em O
3/9/1919:00HIGH ROLLER SATELLITE 1650hold'em O
3/9/1920:00YNPT ME FREE SATELLITEfree/330hold'em O
3/10/1913:00A01APL-MAIN EVENT DAY1 C5500hold'em O
3/10/1915:00A05PLO2200hold'em O
3/10/1917:00APL M E SATELLITE550PLOO
3/10/1918:00A07HYPER TURBO #21650hold'em O
3/10/1920:00YNPT ME SATELLITE880hold'em O
3/11/1913:00A01APL-MAIN EVENT DAY1 D5500hold'em O
3/11/1915:00A06NO LIMIT HOLDEM BB ANTE #22750hold'em O
3/11/1918:00HIGH ROLLER SATELLITE 1650hold'em O
3/11/1920:30YNPT ME SATELLITE880hold'em O
3/12/1913:00A08KO BOUNTY BB AT(550 BOUNTY CARD)2200hold'em O
3/12/1913:00A01APL-MAIN EVENT DAY2hold'em O
3/12/1917:00A09CLUB TEAM BATTLE (DELTA IRON)6600hold'em X
3/12/1919:00Y08YNPT HIGH ROLLER DAY1 A16500hold'em O
3/12/1920:30YNPT ME SATELLITE880hold'em O
3/13/1913:00A01APL-MAIN EVENT DAY3hold'em O
3/13/1914:00Y01YNPT MAIN EVENT DAY1 A7700hold'em O
3/13/1915:00Y02KO BOUNTY (1100 BOUNTY CARD) #14400hold'em O
3/13/1919:00Y08YNPT HIGH ROLLER DAY1 B16500hold'em O
3/13/1920:30YNPT ME SATELLITE880hold'em O
3/14/1913:00A01APL-MAIN EVENT final hold'em O
3/14/1914:00Y01YNPT MAIN EVENT DAY1 B7700hold'em O
3/14/1916:00Y03FLIP OUT 550hold'em O
3/14/1917:00Y08YNPT HIGH ROLLER DAY 216500hold'em O
3/14/1920:30YNPT ME SATELLITE880hold'em O
3/15/1914:00Y01YNPT MAIN EVENT DAY1 C7700hold'em O
3/15/1916:00Y04BUBBLE RUSH2200hold'em O
3/15/1918:45Y05HYPER EVENT #11650hold'em O
3/15/1920:30YNPT ME SUPER SATELLITE (6 PLC)1100hold'em O
3/16/1914:00Y01YNPT MAIN EVENT DAY1 D7700hold'em O
3/16/1918:30Y06KO BOUNTY #2(880 BOUNUS)BB AT3300hold'em O
3/16/1920:30YNPT SDS SATELLITE880hold'em O
3/17/1914:00Y01YNPT MAIN EVENT DAY 2hold'em
3/17/1915:00A10APL SUPER DEEP STACK DAY18800hold'em O
3/17/1917:00Y07 YNPTHYPER EVENT #22200hold'em O
3/17/1918:00Y096 MAX TURBO BB ANTE3300hold'em O
3/18/1913:00A10APL SUPER DEEP STACK DAY28800hold'em O
3/18/1914:00Y01YNPT MAIN EVENT DAY 3hold'em
3/18/1917:00Y10YNPT CLOSING EVENT1100hold'em O
APL in Da nang, Vietnam


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