APL Main Event DAY1-C & Turbo Tournament

APL Main Event DAY 1-C 

& Turbo Tournament


Today was the main event Day1-C. The turbo side event started 5 pm and could re-enter the event until level 6. Players were very active and aggressive as blinds went really fast. As if players think best strategy to not melt down stack is attacking, the event was even active than the main event.

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As the result of team event was done, lot more players registered the main event compare to the other two days. The host of APL expects 500 players to play the main event but still need 250 players more to fulfill that number. We are very curious to see they can achieve their goal. Usually last day of day 1 most players register, we are expecting that more players come to play the main event tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

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There was a very interesting hand that came up from the main event. Yun Sheng, who is from China opened 3bb from UTG with 40bb stacks and another China player, Ma Jun called her raise from button. Flop came 3 5 7, Yun Sheng C-bet on the flop and Ma Jun called. Turn A and both players checked. River came 6 so potentially one card flush got there. Yun Sheng bet less than 1/3 pot bet and Ma Jun raised little bit less than 3x versus her betting and Yun Sheng went all in. Yun Had K 10 and Ma Jun had 4 7 which was straight-flush and got big pot.

There were bunch of big pot made by players and very interesting to see who is going to make day 2!





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