APL MainEvent Day1-D & Deep Stack Tournament

APL MainEvent Day1-D

& Deep Stack Tournament

Today was the main event of Day1-D! Day1-D recorded most players to register compare to the other three days. If 150 players register tomorrow, it fulfill the goal of APL set up which make 500 players to play the main event.

CM0A0005 CM0A0008 CM0A0044 CM0A0047 CM0A0073 CM0A0087 CM0A0115


It was very interesting that the portion of women players in APL was much higher than other world live tournaments. Many women players chip up from Day 1 and three women players made top 10 stacks so far. We would like to see these women players make day 2 and final table!

There are only two Day1 left so players actions were really going high. Only 9 players were remaining on Day1-A but today 25 players survived level 16 and made day 2.



CM0A0151 CM0A0330 CM0A9877 CM0A9945 CM0A9976




Also Deepstack side event hosted today. 88 players joined the event and most them were from China but interestingly Stephane Carrier, a player who came from France played the event. He got 2nd in APT Cambodia main event and before he went back to France, decided to play APL event. He kept his good run and got 7th this event. It was very exhausted and grueling one day side event but woman player, Xu Hong Dan, won the Deepstack side event.



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