APL MainEvent Day1-E & PLO Tournament

APL MainEvent Day1-E & PLO Tournament

Pictures of APL MainEvent Day1-E.

CM0A0332 CM0A0333 CM0A0336 CM0A0341 CM0A0347 CM0A0354 CM0A0447 CM0A0460 CM0A0465 CM0A0516 CM0A0634 CM0A0648 CM0A0671


Today was the day that the biggest amount of poker players registered during APL Main Event.

For one surprise event, CEO of Asia Poker League, Judic Kim registered for the main event and had an interview what saying he will donate all the price pool he earns if he money-ins.


Tomorrow, Day 2 finally begins. It seems APL’s first tournament has already been proceeded more than a half. Get your attention for the final table soon!







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