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The Asia Poker League (APL) was founded under FOIGS Ltd. in March of 2016. It was created on the premise of the growing number of Texas Hold’em event participants in Asia. Although the company is young, its founders have extensive experience and have been in the poker field for over 15 years. Our staff boasts offline poker room

The APL Partnership



To integrate existing poker clubs in Asia

Create a unified and organized system to maximize turnouts for APL events

* APL was founded in March 2016 by Foigs Ltd, when the Texas Holdem tournaments increased the number of participants in the competition. The tournament, which has been sporadic with the poker clubs in Asia, was promoted to the largest international tournament in Asia with the agreement with the “Beijing Poker Club”.

Press Releases (Domestic and overseas media)

Provides a variety of poker news and information from around the world. An average of 2,000 visitors a day.
The largest poker room in the Clark area of the Philippines. A place where players from all over the world.
The oldest professional Texas Holdem site in China. Spread poker culture including news, photos and videos about Hold’em
Delivering the whole of China Hold’em News Community with over 30,000 subscribers
Real-time internet broadcasting, mobile broadcasting, sports broadcasting. APL live broadcasting real-time 40,000 viewer performance

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