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Tony Khoang

Full Time Poker Player Since 1999

Nationality: Netherlands
Residence: Where his suit case is.

Tony is from Amsterdam, Netherlands.
He came in contact with poker from a casino in Amsterdam back in 1999 and he inmedietly fell in love with the game.
In 2003 he decided to quit his Job to become a full time poker player.

Between 2001 and 2005 he travelled to many places all over Europe for best games.
Eventually after many years of organising in his home country and grinding live poker games all over the world he made a decision in July, 2019 to become a fulltime tournament player.

Since 2014 he has been traveling through Asia and Australia.
He’s been playing more tournaments now.
Tony says he has been experiencing a new tournaments booming going on through out whole Asia like with the Moneymaker era.
This time he wants to be part of that era and create new challenges and succes stories in his life.



2016 ACOP deepstack 1th
2016 ACOP main evemt 1th
2016 APPT Manila 6 max 1th
2016 MPC HK20000 holdem 1th
2016 Manila megastack 1th
2016 Manila superstack 1th
2017 ACOP six max 1th
2019 Japan Highroller main 1th
2019 APL Vietnam kickoff 1th


I was introduced to Texas Holdem from a classmate when I was studying in National Taiwan University.
Not only having a lot of fun, but I also had financial benefit through the game.
That was the turning point for me to start thinking about becoming a pro poker player.
After serving military, I moved to Macau in 2012 to play games in Wynn.
At the beginning of my tournaments, I often lost and spent much time to research through playing online.
I finally had my first live title in March, 2016 and after three days, I became the Main Event Champion.
After that, I kept playing live tournaments and had my biggest live tournament win in September, 2016.
I was entitled as APOY (Asian Player of the Year) and was sponsored by Pokerstars in 2017.



Started first live poker course in Taipei in May, 2017.
Awarded CTP honor membership.
Taiwan Bear Star Wild in GPL China.
Established Taiwan Rounders in 2018 (One of the biggest poker coaching site in Taiwan.)
Taiwan Rounders:
IFMP Taiwan team coach 2019


– Total Live Earning $17,763
– Best Live Cash $3,398

– Founder of Singapore Poker League
– Singapore Poker League is partners with Asia Poker League

– Favorite Game: No Limit Hold’em

Since 2011 I started playing poker in Macau, I had been keeping my results for poker tourneys as 20% in the money results for offline and 15% online for Pokerstars net.
I’m a Bankroll Management Poker player, I only play 1 buy in for each event and only play event don’t again my bankroll that how I been survive since 2014 after I quitted my full time job.


Date of birth: January 3, 1979
Favorite Game: Pot Limit Omaha

Career: 4 years of professional poker player
Best Live Cash: $36K
Over All Live Cash: $265K
GPI Ranking: #6 (India)

I started playing poker around 10 years ago, playing recreationally for 6 years and last 4 years as a professional.
My focus is primarily MTTs, both live and online and I have traveled the Asian circuit extensively in the last few years.
I was born and brought up in Chandigarh, in the northern part of India. People like to call me ‘mrgreen’ and ‘boro’ based on my online screen names ‘mrgr33n’ and ‘boronyx’.
I have over $265k in live cashes with a best live cash of $36k and several deep finishes on the live circuit in the last few years – chopping the APL HR in Vietnam in Nov 2018, 2nd in WPT Vietnam Kickoff, 4th place in the WPT India and more recently final table finishes at the APL and APT Main Events in Vietnam.

I am currently ranked #6 on the GPI rankings for India.
One of my career highlights was winning a covered Platinum Pass to play in the PokerStars Players Championship in the Bahamas in Jan 2019.
This was a $25k buy in event and by far the biggest event I have played so far.


– 3 Trophies, 22 ITMs.
– Champion in Celebrity Poker Show in TVB, Hongkong

I have played seriously for tournaments for a year, and have won 3 trophies and 22 ITMs. Because we are partners with AJPC, that’s why I mostly join their tournaments.
Hong Kong Game Club(HKGC) has been working with the monopoly TV station in HK called TVB, to produce 2 seasons of Celebrities Poker Show, and the 3rd season is coming.
I am the International Federation of Match Poker(IFMP) Hong Kong representative. We will select the HK Team to join the Asian Cup in Taiwan in November, 12 Asian countries will join.

I was playing in the Celebrities Poker Show, and won the tournament. Also participate in a TVB drama poker scene.