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All-In insurance

Never lose forever! No more bad beats!

Using the insurance function, you receive rewards even if you lose.

The insurance premiums are reasonably priced, depending on your current chance of winning.
Now losing isn’t nearly as painful!

Run It Multi Times

Split the pot! Split your risk!

Run It Multi Times is a feature that divides a single game into three rounds.
The pot is split according to the number of rounds, and the winner takes a portion of the pot each round.
-Run It Three Times : 3 rounds, 3 pots
-Run It Twice : 2 rounds, 2 pots

Multi Table

Play arange of games at the same time!

Multi Table is a feature that allows you to play a number of poker games simultaneously on a single device.
The HUD (Head Up Display) feature makes the Multi Table feature even more easy to use, keeping
you updated on the situation across multiple tables.
Let’s see how good of a multitasker you really are!

Hand History

Share your ‘hand moments’ with friends!

Hand History is a detailed record of your games.
Share that amazing hand from the game you’ll never forget with your friends.
Don’t miss out on a chance to become a hall of famer!