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APL WINTERFEST was held at Johnny’s House, in Ilsan, on December 17~19.

In this series, the vaccine pass was applied to all players and dealers. Only those who had tested negative 2 weeks or more after the second vaccination or those who tested negative for PCR were allowed to enter the table.

#1 X-MAS Championship Day-1A: 12 players advanced

The Championship, which was held with a maximum of 220 entries and a total guarantee of 100 million KRW ($83,000), was a 2-day event with Day-1A and 1B, followed by Day-2.

 On Friday, the 17th 1 PM, the first WINTERFEST event, X-MAS Championship Day-1A was held. After 16 blind levels, 12 players from 108 entries advanced to Day-2.

X-mas championship day-1A Result

No Player Chip count
1 YU SEUNG MIN 791,000
2 KIM GAB YONG 608,000
3 JINTAE YANG 351,000
4 CHOI WONGOOK 322,000
6 KWAK WON HOON 191,000
7 PARK DU YOUNG 158,000
8 IM HYEONWOO 121,000
9 CHOI IL HWAN 121,000
10 YANG DONG HYUN 121,000
11 HAN SUNG JIN 100,000
12 NO EUN DONG 40,000
Average Chip count 270,167


#2 No Limit Hold’em Turbo: Player Jaeho Lee, lifts the first trophy in the series ($4,360)

NLH Turbo event held at 7 pm on the same day, the maximum number of entries: 100 entries closed quickly. A total of KRW 25,000,000($21,000) guarantee, the Top 10 were supposed to receive the prize money, but when there are 11 players left, the prize money up to the 11th place was decided by agreement by the players.

About 2 hours passed and the final table was formed, the last 3 players chopped the prize money, and the game continued for the trophy. It wasn’t long before player Jae-Ho Lee had all his chips in and his hands were raised as the first trophy winner of the series.


#2 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Result

Place Player Prize
1 JAE HO LEE \5,200,000
2 HYUN WOO PARK \4,800,000
3 BYUNG GYU CHOI \4,800,000
4 KI HYUN PARK \2,400,000
5 HALEY RYU \2,000,000
6 CHUL MIN KIM \1,600,000
7 HYUN WOO KANG \1,300,000
8 SANG IL KIM \1,000,000
9 SEUNG LIM HA \800,000
10 HO HYUN JUNG \600,000
11 SEOUNG MIN LEE \500,000

#1 X-MAS Championship Day-1B: 17 Players advanced.

At 11 am on Saturday the 18th, X-MAS Championship Day-1B was held. The final entry for Day-1B closed at 112. As with Day-1A, there were 16 blind levels, and 17 players advanced to Day-2.

X-mas championship day-1B Result

No Player Chip count
1 HYUN GU PARK 490,500
2 HYUN WOO PARK 344,500
3 CHAE BIN KIM 324,000
4 WOO SANG LEE 315,000
5 JUNG MIN KIM 262,500
6 MIN SUK KIM 241,000
7 KANG WOOK KIM 228,500
8 HEE SU KANG 182,000
9 SUK HWAN CHOI 171,500
10 MIN GYU LEE 150,500
11 YONG SUNG MOON 140,500
12 DAE WON KIM 136,000
13 JI TAE MAENG 126,500
14  IK PYO LEE 118,500
15 CHANG MIN SEO 56,000
16 DONG WOO LEE 39,500
Average Chip count 197,912









#3 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Bounty: Player Seong Jin Ko takes the last remaining Bounty Chip! ($5,450)

At the NLH Turbo Bounty event held at 2pm on the 18th, the maximum number of entries, 100, closed quickly. Players started with one Bounty Chip at the start of the match, and worked hard to win their opponent’s Bounty Chips. The Top 10 shared the prize money of 25,000,000 won, and player Seong Jin Ko won the Heads-Up match against player Dong Hyun Kwon and lifted the trophy with the last remaining bounty chip.


#3 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Bounty result

Place Player Prize
1 SUNG JIN KO \6,500,000
2 DONG HYUN KIM \4,600,000
3 WAN SIL KONG \4,200,000
4 SEONG MIN LEE \2,400,000
5 MIN HYUN KIM \2,000,000
6 JAE HOON JUNG \1,600,000
7 TAE HEE CHOI \1,300,000
8 SUNG CHUL CHO \1,000,000
9 ALBERT PAIK \800,000
10 JAE HYUN JO \600,000

#1 X-MAS Championship FINAL: Total prize money \100,000,000, 29 players survive, Seung Min Yoo leads the Final day with Chip count 791,000
 On the last day of the series, the X-MAS Championship Final day was held on Sunday, the 19th at 11 am.

25 of the 29 players who advance to the final day were guaranteed a minimum prize of \900,000. Once players made the money, the numbers started dropping at a rapid pace.

Unfortunately, as Moon Yong Seong was eliminated in 10th place, the last 9 players took the seats at the final table.


 Player Hyeon-gyu Park, well known as LAD, was eliminated in 3rd place, and a heads-up match between player Seung-min Yoo and player Ji-tae Maeng was completed. Player Seung-min Yoo, who maintained the chip leader throughout the final day, eliminated player Ji-tae Maeng, and received the first prize of \23,000,000.



Place Player Prize
1 YU SEUNG MIN \23,000,000
2 MAENG JI TAE \20,300,000
3 HYUN GYU PARK \10,000,000
4 KANG HEE SOO \7,800,000
5 KIM CHAE BIN \6,000,000
6 JINTAE YANG \4,800,000
7 PARK HYUN WOO \3,800,000
8 LEE WOO SANG \3,000,000
9 CHOI SOK HWAN \2,400,000
10 MOON YONG SEONG \1,900,000
11 KIM DAE WON \1,400,000
12 KIM GAB YONG \1,400,000
13 PARK DU YOUNG \1,400,000
14 HONG MYUNG CHUL \1,400,000
15 CHOI IL HWAN \1,400,000
16 YANG DONG HYUN \1,100,000
17 KIM JUNG MIN \1,100,000
18 KWAK WON HOON \1,100,000
19 MIN SUK KIM \1,100,000
20 SUNG JIN HAN \1,100,000
21 DONG WOO LEE \900,000
22 CHOI WONGOOK \900,000
23 IM HYEONWOO \900,000
24 SEO CHANG MIN \900,000
25 LEE MIN GYU \900,000

#4 Monster Stack: Byeong Jun KO Lifts the First Trophy of his Poker Career! ($7,313)
The last no limit hold’em event in the series, the Monster Stack event, kicked off on Sunday the 19th at 11am. The top 10 of the final 100 entries will be guaranteed a minimum prize of \700,00. Byeong Jun Ko raised his first trophy after a heads-up match with Kang Tae-ho.


#4 Monster Stack Result

Place Player Prize
1 BYEONGJUN KO \8,500,000
2 KANG TAEHO \5,500,000
3 KIM CHANG MIN \4,000,000
4 JEONG IN HWA \3,000,000
5 KIM SANG IL \2,400,000
6 PARK KI CHUL \2,000,000
7  CHA HONG JUN \1,600,000
8 NA A YOUNG \1,300,000
9 YUN JI HEE \1,000,000
10 JUNG JAE HOON \700,000

#4 Limit Badugi 6-max: Gun Hyung Nam becomes the first APL Badugi event winner. ($2,285)

APL held the first ever Badugi tournament in Korea. The last event in the series, the Badugi event, is a poker game made in Korea, currently selected as one of the WSOP Draw games, and is a popular event among local players. It ended with a final entry of 60, and the top 6 became the first Badugi tournament money in list in Korea.

 In the heads-up match of the Gun Hyung Nam player and Sung Gap Kim, the prize money was chopped, after a short battle Gun Hyung Nam became the first Badugi event Champion.


#5 Limit Badugi 6-max Result

Place Player Prize
1 NAM GUN HYONG \2,750,000
2 KIM SUNG KAB \2,950,000
3 JANG JI WON \1,600,000
4 KI JUN HYOUNG \1,200,000
5 EOM MIN GYU \900,000
6 KIM JUNG JU \600,000

Coming up next, APL plans to welcome players to a 5 day series from February 2nd to 6th.

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