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2016 ACOP deepstack 1th
2016 ACOP main evemt 1th
2016 APPT Manila 6 max 1th
2016 MPC HK20000 holdem 1th
2016 Manila megastack 1th
2016 Manila superstack 1th
2017 ACOP six max 1th
2019 Japan Highroller main 1th
2019 APL Vietnam kickoff 1th


I was introduced to Texas Holdem from a classmate when I was studying in National Taiwan University.
Not only having a lot of fun, but I also had financial benefit through the game.
That was the turning point for me to start thinking about becoming a pro poker player.
After serving military, I moved to Macau in 2012 to play games in Wynn.
At the beginning of my tournaments, I often lost and spent much time to research through playing online.
I finally had my first live title in March, 2016 and after three days, I became the Main Event Champion.
After that, I kept playing live tournaments and had my biggest live tournament win in September, 2016.
I was entitled as APOY (Asian Player of the Year) and was sponsored by Pokerstars in 2017.
(News: https://sports.ettoday.net/news/813089)



Started first live poker course in Taipei in May, 2017.
Awarded CTP honor membership.
Taiwan Bear Star Wild in GPL China.
Established Taiwan Rounders in 2018 (One of the biggest poker coaching site in Taiwan.)
Taiwan Rounders: https://reurl.cc/GzL6Z
IFMP Taiwan team coach 2019


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