[Ambassadors] Ricky Cheung

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– 3 Trophies, 22 ITMs.
– Champion in Celebrity Poker Show in TVB, Hongkong


I have played seriously for tournaments for a year, and have won 3 trophies and 22 ITMs. Because we are partners with AJPC, that’s why I mostly join their tournaments.
Hong Kong Game Club(HKGC) has been working with the monopoly TV station in HK called TVB, to produce 2 seasons of Celebrities Poker Show, and the 3rd season is coming.
I am the International Federation of Match Poker(IFMP) Hong Kong representative. We will select the HK Team to join the Asian Cup in Taiwan in November, 12 Asian countries will join.

I was playing in the Celebrities Poker Show, and won the tournament. Also participate in a TVB drama poker scene.


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