[Ambassadors] Tony Khoang

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Full Time Poker Player Since 1999

Nationality: Netherlands
Residence: Where his suit case is.

Tony is from Amsterdam, Netherlands.
He came in contact with poker from a casino in Amsterdam back in 1999 and he inmedietly fell in love with the game.
In 2003 he decided to quit his Job to become a full time poker player.

Between 2001 and 2005 he travelled to many places all over Europe for best games.
Eventually after many years of organising in his home country and grinding live poker games all over the world he made a decision in July, 2019 to become a fulltime tournament player.

Since 2014 he has been traveling through Asia and Australia.
He’s been playing more tournaments now.
Tony says he has been experiencing a new tournaments booming going on through out whole Asia like with the Moneymaker era.
This time he wants to be part of that era and create new challenges and succes stories in his life.


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