APL Main Event DAY1-B with Team Tournament ongoing

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APL Main Event DAY1-B with Team Tournament ongoing

The whole schedule of APL starts at 13:00. Level 14 of APL Main Event DAY1-B has just been ended at 01:40 A.M.



Finally its APL Main event Day1-B! About 80 players registered the main event. There was a side team event that each national team competes for the victory and lots of players were interested in it. Players who joined the team event put the national flag patch on their shoulder and it was pretty impressive view.

At 5pm, when the main event was on break, players made a team and there were seven countries and thirty teams participated the event. Each team was combined by 3 players who are from same nationality obviously.




There was a special rule that three players are one team and three teams play at the same table. If two of three players eliminated, the last one player is automatically out of competition. It means that even one player has a big stack, teammate have to care each other and also attack another teams short stack. Consequently, the event ran as KO bounty tournament that players were very aggressive.  

Lots of hit came from the event and eventually Vietnam team won the trophy. This event created the biggest prize pool other than the main event so many people have attended.

Tomorrow, There will be the main event Day1-C and Turbo side tournament. Stay tuned!



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