APL Online Series Results Total Prize Pool of $5,515,306

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It was a great success.
The APL online series on GG Network recorded a total prize of $5,515,306,

This city tour series was organized in the form of 15 cities in Asia.

A total of 54,563 entries and almost all series have been filled with the over-guarantee prize pool, resulting in a whopping $5,515,306 in total prize pool.

Assad Kamran, the winner of this APL Online Series Main Event, was awarded a prize of $218,621.

Final table streaming address as below:


◆ Trophy Event Results ◆

◆ Event Winner ◆


Event Name: APL Trophy #1 2021 Tip-Off

Prize: ¥396,887.53

Nickname: pipostinkt (Heinz Schlueter)

Country/Region: Germany


Event Name: APL Trophy #2: Da Nang River’s Bounty Opener

Prize: VND 213,935,065

Nickname: HasagiVN(Nguyen Trung Ha)

Country/Region: Vietnam


Event Name: APL Trophy #3: Hanoi Rising Dragon [6-Max]

Prize: VND 277,305,650

Nickname: dajingjing(JIANFENG SUN)

Country/Region: China


Event Name: APL Trophy #4: Ho Chi Minh City Championship

Prize VND 476,042,907

Nickname: manhhungctn(Ruan Wenxiong)

Country/Region: Vietnam


Event Name: APL Trophy #5: Seoul Starleague Classic

Prize: \24,637,388

Nickname: Zakharba7tir(Arash Khosravi)

Country/Region: Turkey


Event Name: APL Trophy #6: Manila Metro Million

Prize: PHP 1,064,362.88

Nickname: Eye See Em(Aditya Chaudhary)

Country/Region: India


Event Name: APL Trophy #7: Taipei City Challenge

Prize: NT$ 536,547.55

Nickname: bigwhailie


Event Name: APL Trophy #8: Macau Grand Prix Superstack

Prize: HK$ 393,352.02

Nickname: keiji(Keiji Ito)

Country/Region: Japan


Event Name: APL Trophy #9: Shanghai Masters of Poker [6-Max]

Prize: ¥198,744.10

Nickname: Runnerx22(Phan Huu Minh Tri)

Country/Region: Vietnam


Event Name: APL Trophy #10: Asia Poker League Championship

Prize: ¥477,426.54

Nickname: SPARK1207


Event Name: APL Trophy #11: Kunshan King of the Hill Bounty

Prize: ¥95,573.1

Nickname: guangtou(Wang Feng)

Country/Region: China


Event Name: APL Trophy #12: Xi’an Silk Road Open

Prize ¥146,883.31

Nickname : TheCrane(Ran Ilani)

Country/Region: Israel


Event Name: APL Trophy #13: Kunming Mountain Monster Stack

Prize: ¥125,663.90

Nickname: leon777(Koprov Denis Stanislavovich)

Country/Region: Russia


Event Name: APL Trophy #14: Sanya Bay Shooting Star Bounty

Prize: ¥134,535.98

Nickname: VAU VAU(Lee Chin Yong)

Country/Region: Malaysia


Event Name: APL Trophy #15: Beijing Capital Cup

Prize: ¥253,672.86

Nickname: martynasst1


Event Name: APL Trophy #16: Main Event

Prize: ¥1,431,069.77

Nickname: KammyStyyle(Assad Kamran)

Country/Region: Agentina

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