APL Vietnam Da Nang 2019 Main Event : Live Updates

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2:20PM: Lucky Dao Minh Phu back on top
Level 22: Blinds 8k – 16k ante 16k

After losing half his starting chips at the previous level, Dao Minh Phu went on a lucky spree to bring his stack over 1.3M. In the process, he also railed two players. The first big pot was the elimination of Kien Ks who was all in with QdQc. Dao had 10d10c. The cards ran 2h10s2c2sJd full house to Dao. Next one saw Woo Sung Kang all in with AsJd, Dao gambled with 8c6c, the board 6d9d6sAh4d. Kang eliminated.

2:10PM Nguyen Hun Duc ships a double
Level 22: Blinds 8k – 16k ante 16k

Nguyen Hun Duc four-bet jammed his last 199k holding AsQd, Yohng Hwan Sun tank-called with Ks8s. The board ran Qs[2c}3h6sAd for a double up to Nguyen to 430k.

2:00PM: Frederick Lee doubles up through Dang
Level 22: Blinds 8k – 16k ante 16k

Frederick Lee raised all in on a board 9c2d9sQdQd. Dang Duy Thanh tanked then called with AcKh top pair. Lee had better Ah[as} full house for a double up to over 500k.

1:50PM: Tae Joon Cho rails Nam Yunho
Level 21: Blinds 6k – 12k ante 12k

Nam Yunho all in with 4-4 but couldn’t bet past Tae Joon Cho’s 7-7. Cho shipped it and climbed to 970k. Nam eliminated.

1:40PM: Anton Widjaya over 800k
Level 21: Blinds 6k – 12k ante 12k

Anton Widjaya returned to action with the same aggression as in Day 2. He quickly plcked up a fat pot against Song Daewoong with A-J trips. Widjaya now over 800k

1:30PM: Shingo Endo ousts Tran Trung Hieu
Level 21: Blinds 6k – 12k ante 12k

All in preflop, Shingo Endo with AhKh, at risk player Tran Trung Hieu KdQs, the board ran Jd5cKc4c7c. No clubs for the players. Endo’s higher spread sent Tran out of the running. Endo up to 923k.

1:10PM; Dao Minh Phu takes three hits
Level 21: Blinds 6k – 12k ante 12k

Entering chip leader, Dao Minh Phu, dropped down from a massive 1,123,000 to just just over 500k. The shakedown happened in three consecutive losing hands. The first one was a big pot claimed by Nguyen Minh Tuan with A-K top pair (king). Next two were double ups to short stacks Ok Dong Yoon and Kien Ks. For Yoon, his Ac5c improved to a straight 2d4s3d3h6c against KdJs. Against, Kien, it was KsJc pairing the king to survive Dao’s Ac10h.

1:05PM: Dang Duy Thanh rivers one-outer to eliminate Mr Ngo 
Level 21: Blinds 6k – 12k ante 12k

Bad turn for Mr Ngo (Nguyen Quang Minh). He was all in against Dang Duy Thanh on a board 3h6d9s5h holding 9d9h higher set over Dang’s 6c6s set. However, the poker gods had plans for Dang granting him a one-outer 6h on the river to improve to quads and rail Mr Ngo. Dang over 620k.

1:00PM: Cards in the air for Day 3!
Level 21: Blinds 6k- 12k ante 12k

Here we go! Day 3 of the inaugural APL Da Nanag Main Event is underway here at the Risemount Premier Resort! All 33 players are hunting down a final day seat of which only 9 will qualify.

Total chips in play: 15,678,500
Average stack: 475,106
Opening blinds: 6k – 12k ante 12k

Chip leader: Dao Minh Phu – 1,123,000 (93.5 bbs)

Everyone is guaranteed a minimum payout of VND 56,700,000 (~US$ 2,400). We will have live updates running throughout until the final 9 is formed. Good luck to all!

The Main Event drew 525 entries at VND 22,000,000 (~US$ 950) each for a prize pool of VND 10,185,000 (~US$ 439,600). The money flowed at Day 2 starting at 66th place.

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