Day 3 APL Vietnam Main Event

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APL Vietnam Main Event Day 3 officially started at 1pm (6/1) at level 25 with 44 players left in the tournament. Viet Poker will update more details of the tournament.

6:00pm – Final 9 has set

The last hand was the battle between Lew Yin How and Nguyen Viet Huy. Lew raised 250K with AA and Huy reraised all-in with AQ, Lew called. Huy’s elimination was where we had the Final 9.

Here is the list of the Final 9:

Dang Xuan Canh 5,000,000 chips, Vietnam

Frederic Bolliet 4,020,000 chips, France

Lew Yin How 2,995,000 chips, Singapore

Macaron Tran 2,590,000 chips, Vietnam

Natallie Segon 2,410,000 chips, Australia

Tan Waw Meng 1,910,000 chips, Singapore

Man Sang-Yong 1,275,000 chips, Korea

Feng Bui 950,000 chips, China

Le Ngoc Khanh 360,000 chips, Vietnam



4:20pm – Weird Elimination

Hieu “heu” raised all-in with A♥K♦ in the middle position, Frederic somehow did not notice the all-in action and said “Call” from the SB. The situation was attended by the Tournament Director (TD) and he had to make the call with 3♦4♥.

Board came 9♠J♦4♣8♠3♣

A suprisingly big pot came from a weird elimination.



3:30pm – Another win for the Korean

Level 28 20000/50000 ante 5000

Xuan Canh (1,900,000) flat called in the button, and Kim Soo Ho (345,000) defended SB, and Quang Co (800,000) checked BB.

Flop came J♥4♥3♠ – Kim checked, Quang bet 80,000, Canh folded, Kim shoved all-in 215,000, Quang paused and made the call.

Kim showed 7♥9♥, Quang showed 8♦4♠

Turn J♣

River 8♥, Kim won the hand with a flush.

2:23pm – A Four-way All-in

UTG Sahil Agarwal (India) A♥Q♣, Button Yinhow (Singapore) A♣K♥, SB Tran Kim Dong (Vietnam) A♦3♦, BB Hoang Duc Cong (Vietnam) A♠Q♠

Board came K♣5♥9♦J♣K♠



Yinhow was the last man stading after the Four-way All-in.

1:55pm – Battle of The Aggressors

Macaron (UTG) opened 120,000, Roi (CO) called, and Frederic (BB) called

Flop came 7♠2♠4♣

Frederic checked, Macaron checked, Roi bet 135,000, Frederic folded, then Macaron made it 335,000 to go. Roi tanked and 3-bet to 800,000, Macaron folded.




1:49pm – 37 left after level 25

Level 25 12000/24000 ante 4000

Kim Soo Ho (UTG+1) opened 60,000, Adarsh Jayappa (CO) called, Khanh (BB) called

Flop came A78

Checked, checked, CO bet 70,000, Khanh folded , Kim re-raised 200,000, Adarsh Jayappa yielded to the pressure.

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