Day 4 APL Vietnam Main Event Final Table

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8:50pm – We Have The Very First Champion of The APL Vietnam Main Event

Level 39 blinds 300,000/600,000 ante 60,000

Natalie raised 2,000,000 with K♠J♣, Lee defended with 10♥8♥.

Flop came J♦3♥9♥, which gave Lee a monster draw and Natalie top pair with a great kicker. Nobody could ask for a more action than this flop. As expected, Lee shoved all-in and Natalie called.

Turn came 4♠ as all spectators was excited to cheer for both players.

The Q♠ fell on the river that completed Lee’s straight. The hall exploded with loud cheering as Lee officially became the champion of the APL Main Event.

The last hand was the battle between Lew Yin How and Nguyen Viet Huy. Lew raised 250K with AA and Huy reraised all-in with AQ, Lew called. Huy’s elimination was where we had the Final 9.


8:35pm – Xuan Canh Lost His Lady Luck

Natalie lucked out Xuan Canh with an all-in action where 88 vs. 77. Natalie changed her fate in the tournament with the miraculous 7 in the river. After that loss, Canh was left on the brink of elimination with only 3,600,000 chips.

It did not take much time for Canh to get all-in with 7♦9♦ against pocket 8s of Lee Yin How. A light of hope came to Canh with the board came A♦Q♠Q♣J♦. The cheering could not ever get any louder in the hall. But the river 7♣ was not good enough for him to continue the battle.

7:29pm – Called Clock

Lee raised total of 1,000,000 from the SB, and Natalie defended.

Flop came 4♥10♦Q♠

Lee checked, and an all-in bet of 5,000,000 from Natalie. Lee tanked and folded until Natalie called clock on him.

7:15pm – Natalie With A Timely Double Up

Level 37 blinds 200,000/400,000

Lee Yin How kept putting more pressure to other players. This time Lee put Natalie all-in with 2♣2♥, and was quickly called by Natalie. She showed K♣J♣.

Board came 6♠8♣9♣A♣3♥. Natalie doubled up with a flush.

6:42pm – An Unsuccessful Steal

Level 36 blinds 150,000/300,000 ante 30,000

3 players called big blind. Checked all around on the board K A 5 7 2 (no flush). Lee tried to take the pot with a river bet 1,200,000 from the button. Natalie foled, Canh called and win with a pair of Ks.

6:30pm – Lee Got A Chip Leader

Level 36 blinds 150,000/300,000 ante 30,000

Lee Yin How opened the pot with 750,000 from the Button, Natalie folded, Canh defended his BB.

Flop came 4♣8♣10♥, Canh bet 1,000,000, Lee called

Turn J♥ Canh bet 1,500,000, Lee raised all-in. Under a lot of pressure, Canh finally laid his hands down and Lee became a new chip leader with around 9,000,000 chips.




6:14pm – And There Were Three

Yong found his chance to double up with pocket 4s. A 3,200,000 all-in bet was instantly called by Lee A10 off-suit.

An Ace fell on the board, A♠4♥9♥7♣9♣, and Yong left with 4th place.

6:03pm – Lee’s Crucial Double Up

Level 35 blinds 125,000/3250,000 ante 30,000

An easily expected showdown between Lee and Natalie, 10♣10♦ vs. A♥K♠.

Board came 8♣10♠4♥9♥5♠, which gave Lee a crucial double up.

5:48pm – Frederic’s Resurrection Finally Came To An End

Level 35 blinds 125,000/3250,000 ante 30,000

Right after the break, Frederic (UTG) was looking to double up with his A10. He pushed all-in and was called by a better Ace, AK, from Natalie.

There was no help for Frederic on the board Q K 4 9 8. Ending his journey at 5th place.


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