‘Forguy’ Clinches APL Online Series Main Event Title

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The second edition of Asia Poker League (APL) Online Series ended on 27 June with the Main Event offering a guarantee of ¥10 million. The online series was a huge hit among players especially due to the 20 Jade trophy events. However, the Main Event was the cherry on top that attracted 6,919 entries. Out of the total number of entries, 462 qualified from satellites.

Thanks to the massive turnout the original guarantee was crushed and the final prize pool was ¥12,018,026. Out of these players, 700 entries made it in the money. The competition was intense but the top spot in the APL Online Series Main Event was taken by mystery player ‘Forguy’ after he made a deal with player Dmitry Yurasov. ‘Forguy’ walked away with prize money of ¥1,432,519.92 while Yurasov took home ¥1,074,235.21.

While ‘Forguy’ and Yurasov were the event’s big winners, it was the 4th placed player ‘LightningMax’ that stumped everyone by turning a ¥200 satellite into an incredible ¥6,04,087 win. Another player ‘AndyPokerV’ who was placed at the 6th spot made news as he sold 12% of his share to seven buyers on the client with a mark-up of 0.99.


  1. Forguy – ¥14,32,519
  2. Dmitry Yurasov – ¥10,74,235
  3. RealGanjaBoy – ¥8,05,563
  4. LightingMax – ¥6,04,087
  5. Andras Nemeth – ¥4,53,001
  6. AndyPokerV – ¥3,39,703
  7. JinHo YellOw – ¥2,54,741
  8. green balcony – ¥1,91,029
  9. BaQianHuanWo – ¥1,43,251

The second edition of the APL Online Series has now come to an end officially with the conclusion of the Main Event. The tournament series was founded by Judic Kim, a Korean game promoter, the event holds a significant value for all poker players. For the players who emerge victorious, the win must have certainly been worth the effort.

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