Nguyen Quang Huy Wins APL Hanoi 2021 Heads Up Event

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Nguyen Quang Huy Wins APL Hanoi 2021 Heads Up Event

The Asia Poker League Hanoi 2021 started on 3 April and has VND 6.6 Billion (INR 2.09 Crore) GTD in prize pool. The tournaments have been taking place in full swing and one of the highly anticipated tournaments was the Heads up event.

There were three rounds in this APL Hanoi 2021 Heads up event. Round 1 had seven matches in all and in the following rounds mainly the Round 2 and Round 3, there were 4 and 2 matches respectively. The Heads up event was a VND 2 Million buy-in event and there were a total of 15 entries. Nguyen Quang Huy shipped the Heads Up event and won VND 14,50,00,000 in prize money.


Match 4:  Huy was against Mr Hoang in Heads up where he was leading with 2-1.


Match 2:  In this match, Huy was competing with Tran Hieu. Huy won that match as well and acquired 2 points in comparison to Hieu’s score.


In the last round of the day, Huy won Match 2. Eventually, Huy won the match and in the final round Nguyen Quang Huy was up against Quang Nguyen. This heated match came to an end when Huy defeated Nguyen. Huy had two points while Quang was at zero in the final round, leading to a clear victory for Huy.

If you have missed going to live events, then this could be the perfect chance for you. Take a look at the schedule and the details of the Main Event here. Other than featured tourneys, the APL Hanoi April 2021 Main Event assures VND 3 Billion (USD 1,30,100) guarantee which runs from 7-10 April.

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