On September 25-26, 2021, the 4th APL in South Korea finals were held at Welli Healy Park Resort

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Welli Healy Park Resort

The Main Event Day-1, the first event of this tournament, has started on July 3rd and completed with total 1435 entries until the day before Main event day-2. It was the event with the largest field ever held by APL in South Korea.

Total 700,000,000 KRW ($589,349) was guaranteed on this event. Among 1435 players, Top 150 players would get paid

Day-2 started on September 25th with 248 players. Just right before the clock was paused due to the ‘Bubble time’. There was no hand for hand process as the player busted out at the same time. 150 players were guaranteed the min prize 910,000 KRW ($771).


Main Event Day-2


End of the Day-2

It took 11 hours to end up day-2 with the final 3 tables.

Day-3 started on next day September 26th with 24 players. Then it took 4 hours to reach the Final Table. The players who made the Final table were guaranteed 8,750,000 KRW ($7,476).


Main event Final table
Shortly after when the Heads-up match started between Byeolram Yu and Heesik Shin. Shin asked a deal for Chopping the prize when the Chip count was almost even. However, Yu refused the deal and stand his point, saying “Let’s keep playing”.

Match resumed and not even the next blind level had reached, Yu’s Pocket 3’s smashed Shin’s Pocket 7’s, hitting the miracle 3 on the Turn. Yu Won the main event defeating massive 1435 fields with the APL main event Trophy and first place prize 154,000,000 KRW ($129,940)

Main Event Winner Byeolram Yu ($129,940)
Event #1 Main event Final Table Payout

1 Byeolram Yu South Korea 154,000,000
2 Heesik Shin South Korea 91,000,000
3 Jiyoung Lim South Korea 58,100,000
4 Youngjoon Jang South Korea 44,100,000
5 Kyosung Yoon South Korea 37,100,000
6 Sangjun Jeong South Korea 26,600,000
7 HyunChul Kang South Korea 19,600,000
8 Sunho Kwak South Korea 12,600,000
9 Jaemin Choi South Korea 8,750,000

At the Last day of the Series, more winners came out.

The Event #2 SuperDeepstack, Tae Ho Lee won the first side event of this series with trophy and first place prize 27,000,000 KRW ($23,000)

SuperDeepStack Winner TaeHo Lee ($23,000)

Event #2 SuperDeepStack Final Table Payout
1 TaeHo Lee South Korea 27,000,000
2 Yuriya Neradova Uzbekistan 16,000,000
3 WooJoong Shin South Korea 10,000,000
4 JunHyung Kim South Korea 8,000,000
5 JinSeog Kim South Korea 7,000,000
6 JiHwan Jeong South Korea 4,900,000
7 SeungWook Hong South Korea 3,900,000
8 MinSeok Kim South Korea 2,900,000
9 DongHee Lee South Korea 2,400,000

The Event #3 Championship event, Seong Hyeon Lee Won the event with the trophy and the first-place prize *25,000,000 KRW ($21,000)
(*chop the prize)

Championship Winner SeongHyeon Lee ($21,000)

Event #3 Championship Final Table Payout
1 SeongHyeon Lee South Korea *25,000,000
2 JaeHyung Park South Korea *25,000,000
3 SangHyun Moon South Korea 12,000,000
4 YongHyun Lee South Korea 9,500,000
5 ChunHo Seo South Korea 8,000,000
6 HyungKook Shin South Korea 6,000,000
7 KunWoo Kim South Korea 5,000,000
8 HoJin Kim South Korea 4,000,000
9 ChaeYeon Lee South Korea 3,000,000

The Event #4 No Limit Hold’em Turbo event, Dae Gun Son Won the event with the trophy and the first-place prize 8,400,000 KRW ($7,100)

No Limit Hold’em Turbo Winner DaeGhun Son ($7,100)

Event #4 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Final Table Payout
1 DaeGhun Son South Korea 8,400,000
2 KyoungJun Kim South Korea 5,100,000
3 SenWon Park South Korea 3,180,000
4 SeongMin Lee South Korea 2,580,000
5 KyungSuk Bae South Korea 2,280,000
6 SoYoung Ko South Korea 1,590,000
7 SeungJu Lee South Korea 1,290,000
8 JuNam Lee South Korea 990,000
9 YeonJi Lee South Korea 810,000

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